Editor’s Pick: Mix & Match Your Fugafit Styles

As we start to gradually introduce new lines, we wanted to let you know that you can mix our original lines with our new drops. However, don’t worry, we have done the hard work and combined some of the styles for you to create that great Fugafit look, to show how our individual pieces are made to be mixed with other styles. 

Here, we have mixed our long sleeve tops from one of our very first lines, the Hype Seamless red rose & black, with our new Black Pacer Leggings and our new Amo leggings, which have discreet pockets on either side of the leggings.  As you can see, both combination of styles totally complement each other:

Style One: Our Founder @HildaObaze is 5 foot 9 and wears size medium.

Style Two: Model is 5 foot 6 and wears size small top and medium leggings.

Additionally, our pieces can be styled for all weathers, making them flexible when going to and from the gym or out for a quick bite to eat, making them a great brunchfit!

Figafit Lissom Seamless legging and Bra top with an over-sized shirt@BobbiWilliams wearing Lissom Seamless, leggings and bra top white/ cream with a coat

Style Three: Model in Lissom Seamless bra top and Leggings, Lavender, in size small, with an over-sized shirt to keep the chill away.

Style Four: @BobbiWilliams wears Lissom Seamless bra top and Leggings, white/ cream in a size small and a coat to finish off the styling.

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